Exploit worldwide Market Opportunities in Germany an Europe

As an international company in Germany we will support you – together with our partner organizations – with regards to your market entry, the founding of your own subsidiary, the expansion of your activities, the cooperation with suppliers, as well as with your investments in German or European companies.


Working successfully in Germany and Europe

Together with our partners we support international companies in Germany and Europe in the following business fields, among others:

  • Set-up of a wholly-owned Subsidiary: If you want to set-up a new subsidiary or expand your existing one in Germany or Europe, respectively, we will support you in all necessary aspects: in your marketing and sales activities, for example, by carrying out customer surveys and market research as well as the set-up of the right market strategy. Moreover, we adapt your products to the German and European market requirements, search suitable sites for your production facilities and support you in setting them up. We also look for appropriate suppliers and take care of your legal concerns. Furthermore we support in optimizing your international processes and foster the international cooperation within your company. For the latter, we coach your employees with regards to the challenges they can encounter while working in Germany and Europe.
  • Investment in a German or European Company: If you want to invest in a German or European company as a majority or a minority share holder, we look for suitable partner companies and support you through the whole acquisition process including all negotiations and post-merger activities. We elaborate the strategic direction for the new entity and assist you in successfully introducing your products made in Germany/Europe within your home market.