Identification of Growth Opportunities

Markets / Internationalization: Strengthening your Market Positioning

Markets are changing constantly due to new trends and new competition. By exploiting new market segments and extending into new markets you will be able to constantly improve your market positioning. Our qualified analysis of customer requirements, social and market trends and competitors’ activities will support you in identifying suitable market opportunities for your company.

Products: Identifying Trends and Meeting Customer Requirements

Your market position will also be strengthened by introducing new products and new services which are adapted to specific customer needs. Those requirements might alter from market to market. In some cases adaption of existing products or services are sufficient. However, sometimes the introduction of innovative technologies, functions, designs, and new services, respectively, might be necessary or advisable. In both cases we support you by implementing specific customer requirements to your product and service programs. This also considers local and cultural factors for each market as well as the corresponding spending budgets.

New business models

There are new socio-economic trends in the market which slowly but surely re-emplace traditional ways of doing business. One of those trends is the sharing economy: Especially for millennials the utilization of products is sometimes more important than owning them. We elaborate adequate business models together with you which on the one side fit to your company’s needs and on the other side take into consideration your customers’ requirements. For sure, we also take into consideration the ongoing digitalization.