Project Activities – Examples

Please find an overview of projects from conneum in the following list. Due to confidentiality reasons we do not provide any details of the companies involved or the type of industry. If you would like to obtain references, we will certainly check with our project partners in order to provide you a corresponding list.

Strategic Concepts

  • Strategic set-up of a medium sized German company
  • Elaboration of the owner family’s succession plan for a German SME
  • Concept elaboration for the cooperation between traditional companies and start-ups

Growth Opportunities: New Products, New Markets

  • International go-to-market strategy for a German company including brand positioning, marketing, operational, and organizational aspects
  • Market investigation for the launch of a company’s product in international markets including product adaptations
  • Product cost analysis as a basis for a strategic product development

Implementation Concepts

  • Elaboration of a proof of concept for an international trade show regarding innovative product technologies
  • Concept elaboration for the supply chain set-up within a sharing economy project

International Cooperation

  • Joint-Venture negotiations between a German company and its Chinese partner: negotiating the joint venture set-up focusing on the operational and organizational aspects
  • Optimization of the company set-up and the international cooperation processes for a subsidiary of a Chinese enterprise in Germany


  • Study: Impacts of the Corona-crises on the furniture and kitchen industry in Germany
  • Coaching, lectures and seminars at universities and for associations