Project Activities – Examples

Please find an overview of projects from conneum in the following list. Due to confidentiality reasons we do not provide any details of the companies involved or the type of industry. If you would like to obtain references, we will certainly check with our project partners in order to provide you a corresponding list.

Strategic Concepts

  • Elaboration of the owner family’s succession plan for a German SME
  • Definition of the strategic set-up of a medium sized company
  • Concept elaboration for the cooperation between traditional companies and start-ups

Growth Opportunities: New Products, New Markets, New Business Models

  • International product launches (incl. market research and local product adaptations)
  • Strategic market development for several countries considering marketing, sales, operations and organization
  • Product cost analysis and complexity reduction as basis for a new modular product range for new markets in Europe
  • Sharing economy: ensuring economic feasibility

Implementation Concepts

  • Elaboration of a new trade show concept for the presentation of innovative product technologies
  • Concept elaboration for the supply chain
  • Setup of a new customer service system

International Cooperation

  • Joint-Venture and M&A negotiations between German companies and Chinese partners (operational and organizational aspects)
  • Optimization of the company set-up and intercultural cooperation between international subsideries of companies (incl. optimization of organization and processes)
  • European Lead Consultant of the Global Connect Program, National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA (USA, Canada)


  • Studies and workshops (e.g. intercultural cooperation)
  • Advisory board member, coaching, lectures and seminars at universities and for associations


  • „Impact of the Corona Pandemic on the Furniture and Kitchen Industry," July 2020, for the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) and the Association for Modern Kitchen (AMK)
  • "Online trade in North America," October 2022, for the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM)
  • "Economic Cooperation with China," September 2021 and February 2023, for the China Netwerk Baden-Württemberg e.V. (CNBW)
  • "Quo vadis China?", March 2023, whitepaper of the Business Association of Industrial Companies Baden
    (wvib Schwarzwald AG)